Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day

So here we are coming upon Father's Day weekend, my first without my Dad.   I am far enough away from his death in September 2009, to say I really miss him and wish I could tell him one more time how very much I love him.

Dear Daddy, 

Your grandsons are doing fine.  I say that, because I do not remember a day since they were born that you didn't ask me that question.  You will never know how much you influenced them in their music and you would be proud to know that Carter is once again playing the piano, beautifully I might add.  After ten years of not touching a keyboard, he picked it back up without a skipping a beat and get this, he is singing too!!!!  Your quiet, reflective grandson singing and playing the piano...obviously a God thing going on there, so tell Him I said thanks :)  Isaac is rockin' that guitar you got him for his birthday in 2008!  He is sounding great and although his style is not Merle Haggard, he is a natural born performer!  Friggin' great.  Gotta be the Stapleton in him.   Carter and Isaac have joined talents and are working day and night on a song they plan to perform together.   They are both perfectionists (wonder where they get that?), so every note and tone has to meet their standards before they perform in public.   I've never seen brothers who love each other more.  They are best friends...also an answered prayer.  High-five the Big Guy for that one also.  By the way, Isaac is about three inches taller than Carter, got braces in April, has hair down to his ears and is as sweet as ever.   Carter is working again this summer and is planning a major life change coming soon.  I'll tell you more about that later, but honestly, I think you already know.  Like the rest of us, they miss you terribly.

Your Rosie


Anonymous said...

I miss him too! MDH

Laura L. said...

This is so sweet. Hoping you feel a big hug from heaven this weekend.
We lost my husband's dad last fall and we feel it a bit extra right now too.
Wishing you sweet memories, peace, and a hug.

tracyisjustsayn said...

Rosie...well said! I'm positive your Dad is swelled with pride watching you and your boys.


The Homesteading Apartment said...

Such a beautiful post. This is my second year without Dad...even though our loved ones are no longer on this earth, their love is never far away. {HUGS}


Megan said...

I've read this post before... not sure why I neglected to comment.

How are you dear friend? When will you return to blog land?