Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Vacation at Seabrook Island 2010

I am on Seabook Island in South Carolina this week.   Seabrook is a small barrier island twenty miles south of Charleston, SC.  Seabrook boasts wide, uncrowded beaches and pristine dunes and it is true.   I walked the three and one-half miles of beach yesterday and encountered less than fifty people.  Of course, the area is still in the "off" season and I am sure crowds will increase after the Memorial Day Holiday, but for now, the area feels private and secluded.   Exactly what I love!!!!  My family rented a small three-bedroom beach cottage for the week through Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO).  If you've never used VRBO, this is a great way to find rental property for vacations all over the world.   We've had good experiences renting this way, and this experience was no exception.  In fact, this has been one of the most professional renters I have ever encountered.   Jim and Terri Edmiston from Charlotte, NC, own this little home and have been a joy to work with through the rental process.   Check out their site here and I highly recommend doing business with them.  Honestly, the site doesn't do this charming home or the area justice!

I am a bit under the weather.  I left home Saturday with a sore throat and it is still troubling me.  It is an overcast day and since I was on the beach most of the day yesterday, I opted to stay in to lounge and rest while the guys rode bikes to the pool this afternoon.  I am hoping to feel better quickly so that I can explore the island and get into Charleston this week.  Either way, it is beautiful here and I am enjoying the scenery, the call of the gull, the lapping of the waves and the enthusiasm of my boys.   I want to take some photos of the sun setting over the Low Country marshland and the horses at the Equestrian Center.  Plus, I want to try my hand at crabbing from a nearby dock.   And did I mention stuffing myself full of shrimp and crab legs????
I always find this area to be the epitome of Southern hospitality and graceful beauty.  I really think I could see myself owning a small shabby chic beach cottage in the future.   For now, I'll just gaze out my window and dream.

Thanks for reading, Rosie.


Ruthetta Getchel said... to the Carolinas. What a treat! Sure hope it cures your cold and gives you fun time in Charleston! I checked out your link to the vacation rentals--neat concept. Check the ones for Grand could always come there one summer!

tracyisjustsayn said...

These are some great photos...I like the colorful jars.
Just Say'n

The Homesteading Apartment said...

I love that area! Growing up in SC, I feel the love for that spot (: Thanks for the info on the house! I'll definitely consider using Jim and Terri's location since they're fellow Charlotte neighbors. I do hope you're feeling much better and soon! Take care and have loads of fun!