Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Must Have Order!

My obsessive compulsive nature compels me to constantly order my world. I can not sleep at night if the pillows are not arranged correctly on our sofas. Books need to be straight on the shelves. Silverware must be sorted in the drawer. My shoes need to be sitting straight in my closet. Yes! I am crazy and have openly admitted this fact to you several times! This blog is no different than any other area of my world. I am compelled to order. I need to order. I MUST HAVE ORDER!

Actually, I found this sweet bookshelf widget and knew I could not live without it on my blog. For the past 48 hours I have arranged books on this shelf and boy howdy you had better look at it! This is a great way for me to post all the fantastic books I want to share. You can hover over each title or click on the title to see a review. To scroll through the shelves, just click next. It is like going to the library, only not. I am also working on a three column template and will try to have it ready soon.

Thanks for reading, Rosie

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