Monday, August 18, 2008

Down On The Farm

Last weekend we decided to get out of town for a couple days and go to the big city of Rogersville! MDH's family owns a farm in the vicinity of Rogersville’s thriving metropolis and while the farm is far enough away from the city to be considered “out in the country," modern conveniences still abound, except for Internet connection, phone service, and cable; but that is okay because we did have indoor plumbing! What a treat!! Truthfully, we had a nice weekend without distractions. The boys were able to take their guns and do some target practice, hike, spit, belch, and pass gas without my calling them barbarians. Men like that kind of stuff. Me? Not so much, so can you guess what I did? Visited with the family cows!

Meet Sissy.......This is Big C's cow. She has birthed several calves and made Big C money to attend college. You're a good girl Sissy. She likes attention and corncobs. Then we have the fellow with the "moo doo." Isn't he a doll! Finally, there is the current baby of the family......a new little bull who still has his cord. He is only five days old. Do not stare into that adorable face and get too attached. He will eventually be sold and possibly served at your local burger joint. Sorry friends, but that is reality on the farm. Fortunately, he will not be as cute and adorable by that time. I could not get a good picture of Little I's cow, Brownie (how original). She is great with child and due any minute. We expect to hear the good news soon. While I did pet Sissy, I had to get behind a gate to pet and feed the other cows. Once they realized I had people food instead of grain, they nearly trampled me. My father-in-law, Pop, has the herd spoiled. They have learned the call "come on babies!" is their signal to stampede toward the barn. It is a hugely funny site to see these large bovine plow down a hill looking for a handout of stale bread and moist corncobs.

All of this farm stuff reminded me of an old book on my high school reading list (Mrs. Witt would be proud) titled Animal Farm by George Orwell. It might do us all good to read this satirical story before the November election. Just a thought!
IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!! Brownie gave birth this afternoon to a beautiful 50 pound bull baby. She has not yet announced his name but we are thinking Ecru!

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