Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Ahead, Tell Me All About Yourself

I have a lot of random thoughts while I clean house. My mind is always "on." Even when I am tired and try to sleep, it won't turn "off"; thus I encounter lots of sleepless nights which has nothing to do whatsoever with what I am about to write.
I seem to be very approachable to strangers. Like the time I spend two hours in a McDonald's Restaurant letting a very nice lady share her troubled brand-new marriage with me while my little one played in the play area. I prayed with her and think of her often and wonder about her situation now. I never knew her name. Then there was the time in Strasburg, PA, where a shop owner told me all about her eighteen year old daughter whom she had left in Brooklyn, NY, living with her boyfriend and how good she felt about that because he would protect her, but her grandmother thought she was "living in sin" and "my god it's 2003, that's just a common thing", and on and on until MDH had to rescue me. But, I pray for her too and wonder what is going on in that situation. Then there are the people who stop me while I am shopping and need advice. Like the young man who needed a mother's opinion about a coat he was thinking of purchasing, or the woman who wondered if the brown top would go with the black shirt, or the woman who wanted to know if the slinky red dress would be appropriate for a funeral. And how about the doctor in the hospital who told me to call house keeping and have the busted light bulb cleaned up while MDH WAS A PATIENT, NO LESS! I just smiled and let him think I worked there and told him I would take care of it :-) OK, then the girl who did my pedicure Tuesday evening who told me about her four year old little boy whom she loves with all her heart and his brand-new step dad scolding him too much, how she felt like a bad mom and cried while she was painting my toe nails. I prayed with her too while sitting in the spa chair. And then there was the Harra Krishnah in his robe and prayer cap who overheard me talking about something at the library and decided to share his beliefs with me. He was very respectful and sweet and while I don't agree with his religion, I did show him respect and shared a little about Jesus. I think he wanted to follow me home because he stayed in the parking lot a long time after closing and I just stayed in the building until he left. That is only a few stories I can share with you, the list goes on, but I think you get the picture. I say all this to make this point....I am curious who I will encounter on this vacation. I know without a doubt it will happen and in the unlikeliest of places no doubt. When it does, I'll tell you all about it.

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Snow White said...

I think that is a huge compliment---that strangers feel comfortable talking with you! Imagine how much healthier and nicer the world would be if EVERYONE was that approachable and kind and willing to listen to someone share their story.
Snow White